Anyone for Restoration

 For years Ray Harris has been finding gems that need a little tune-up or once in awhile a complete overhaul.  Offering courses in the techniques of restoration is his way of fostering the love of stuff that is both functional and may prove a very good investment at the same time.

 The first course will include safety, materials used, tools and an “initial evaluation of the stick” prior to beginning the restoration process.   Saving an original finish or removal of varnish if necessary will be covered.   Participants will also have hands on experience with stains, wood fillers and the proper use of glue.   Exposure to a variety of final finishs and the different look and feel that can be achieved.

 Participants will bring items from home to work on during the first course.   Each session will be limited to two or three students allowing sharing of each other’s restoration experience.  

Participants who want to continue expanding their restoration experience can continue on a session by session basis.

 The cost for the introductory session is $35/class and includes “picking up on Ray’s antique lover’s style for identifying, buying, beautifying and using your treasures.  Each session is scheduled for three hours.   Materials to get started and a step by step manual will be provided for an additional one time fee of $40.

 Instruction will be conducted in the workshop of Northfield Mountain Antiques.   Sessions are scheduled to accommodate availability of the students with weekday and evening classes.

To register contact Ray at 413-498-2414 or stop by for a visit..



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