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Restoration Process

"Doing Only What Is Necessary to Preserve Antiques For Future Generations"

The Northfield Mountain Antiques Restoration Process begins with an evaluation of the project including a determination of the structural integrity, existence of an original finish and does the value or sentimental nature warrant the expense.

Each project is initiated with a thorough cleaning of the existing exterior finish with a solution consisting primarily of Watco Danish Oil. The Danish Oil provides a slight softening of the finish to allow removal of years of dirt and wax buildup.

During the cleaning process, the complete interior and exterior integrity is reviewed. Past restoration efforts may need to be undone as the improper use of nails, screws and glue are frequently encountered

Age and value become important considerations; as certain pieces should have very little done as restoration of any type may diminish the value. Original paint for example should never be removed regardless of the existing look. The same holds true of original beeswax, shellac, lacquer, oil or varnish on items of considerable value. The cleaning process enhances the beauty of the wood and is completed by the application of a very thin layer of Watco Danish Oil for protection.

Unfortunately, many items of antiquity have already had significant work performed on the exterior including the removal of the original finish. Often times, an exterior restoration effort may have left an uncharacteristic look and feel. Blemishes such as rings are often encountered on flat surfaces. In many cases, heavy everyday use or improper storage may have damaged finishes beyond repair.

The Northfield Mountain process continues the goal of achieving the custom look and feel that the owner desires. A soft feel, matte look, satin or gloss, touch up staining, finish removal and restoration to the satisfaction and the happiness of the owner.

Any structural repair found necessary should be completed regardless of age and value. Loose joints should be reattached; hinges repaired; glue joints addressed; drawers reassembled; etc., to prevent further damage, which can decrease value substantially.

Generally, an estimate can be given during the initial review. Northfield Mountain Antiques encourages owners to be participative during the restoration process. As the process of cleaning is completed, a clearer vision of the final look and feel can be attained. Owner consultations can be accomplished by stopping by if local, or through pictures via e-mail attachments.

After completion, a Certificate of Restoration is created which identifies the item and the nature of the effort performed. Suggestions for future maintenance are included. Items of exquisite nature or extreme value are photographed and presented in a binder for safekeeping should an unfortunate event occur. Northfield Mountain Antiques will store this information should it be misplaced.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and the preservation of a fine piece of our nationís heritage to be enjoyed for years to come.

Restoration is completed on an estimate basis with customization of finish available. The process can be started by calling Ray at 413-498-2414, just stopping by or bringing the piece along. A picture can also be sent to   On site estimates may also be appropriate with pick-up and delivery available.


Other recent restoration projects


Hutch Table Circa 1800 purchased prior to              Deacons bench circa 1820 loaded with paint,

restoration which included rebuilding structural       structural components rebuilt and finished

components on table top and finishing in natural      with Watco Danish Oil.

wood with a matte finish                                          


Set of Four Victorian hand carved oak chairs with exquisite color and detail.  The chairs were thoroughly cleaned removing years of build-up and finished with several coats of Watco Danish Oil.  Chairs were all reglued with minor touch-up staining.  The chairs were then reupholsted by Sheraton Upholstery in East Longmeadow.



RollTop desk which had been restored                  Apothecary cabinet from an ancestor's

thirty years ago completely cleaned, repairs         drug store in Wenham, Ma which had

to allow tambour to rise, new color and finish        been stored for many years and required

coat applied.                                                            complete restoration.


Seamstress workstation purchased from                       Jenny Lind spool bed which had been in storage.

Northfield Mountain and restored showing                    The entire bed was thoroughly cleaned retaining

original quarter sawn oak grain and finished               original finish.  All spools were reattached and

with Danish Oil.                                                     several coats of Danish Oil were applied.


Vintage "Antiques Roadshow" effort as a frozen              Wooden tool chest purchased from Northfield Mountain

lock allowing the door to swing damaging wood                Antiques however new owner wanted some touch up work

around hinges  which was repaired.  Loose pegged          completed and was very excited about a Danish Oil finish

legs were reset and several coats of Danish Oil             

were applied.



Metal trunk which had been badly damaged                        Golden oak Morris Chair required gluing of joints,

with metal looking like it had been attacked by                  slats and reattachment of springs.   Finish was cleaned

acid.  Finish was restored to all oak banding,                     with Danish Oil final coat

much of the metal was saved and a slight color                 

applied to remaining damage.


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